Ultimate Sack Ultimate Lounger Bag Chair Review – $294

Ultimate Sack Ultimate Lounger Bag Chair Review – $294

Ah, the ol’ bean bag chair. Fond childhood memories arise as I think about swan diving from the top of the steps onto the dilapidated spleen made of polyvinyl chloride. Or even using it as an impromptu safety mat when emulating signature wrestling moves on my brother. As many uses as us kids had for the bean bag though, I can’t remember sitting in them as one of them. They were flat, soggy and spewed Styrofoam beans the minute your keister made contact. I was at WalMart last year and bought one for old times sake, and sure enough a week later it was useless.  It was in this moment of deepest despair I chanced upon the world of high end bag chairs…I speak of the Ultimate Sack.

Now you’re typical bean bag chair you bought at Moe’s Furniture and Plumbing Supply cost about $35 bucks, weighed 7 pounds and lasted 65 hours. Enter Ultimate Sack Bag Chairs, their bags weigh anywhere from 60 to over a 100 pounds! I pulled the trigger on the Ultimate Lounger Model, it’s more of an oval since I didn’t have the space for the more traditional round model. It came in a large box (Turnaround time was kind of slow at almost 2 weeks) and was compressed, similar to mail order mattresses. Once you remove it from the box, you kind of beat it up a little to break up the foam blocks and disperse the bag. Once you throw on the soft suede like cover, you’re in business.

The zippers are pretty beefy, and since the cover slip is generously sized, there’s not really any fear of it coming unstitched when you’re laying on it. And speaking of laying on it…it’s very comfortable. So much in fact that I’ve been sleeping on it at night over my bed. I really like the nestled in feeling, kind of like being a giant man-child baby back in the womb again. My feet and head are elevated and the sides sort of squeeze me, and it’s actually quite supportive. You may need a pillow when watching movies to prop your head up on. 

Overall I’m very pleased with the Ultimate Sack Ultimate Lounger Bag Chair, I’ve had it a few months and the foam is still very much as it was the day I got it. They have sales pretty often, as the retail price can be steep (However you can get 15% off clicking any of the links in this post) and without any real guarantee you’re kind of stuck with it unless you want to pay $70 bucks or so to ship it back. All in all though, I think it’s great.

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