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Unboxing the Titanium DM1 Decadent Minimalist wallet. Maybe I’ve found the best minimalist wallet?
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An everyday carry titanium metal wallet and card holder with optional money clip. This slim wallet is manufactured in the United States to an outstanding quality. The card holder is available in Titanium, Nickel, or Aluminium. The latter two around half the price. Check out the multiple finishes available in Aluminium if you want more color. This wallet is the DM1 Brushed Titanium 8 Card version. Decadent DM1 is machined from a solid billet of Grade 2 pure Titanium. A buy it for life wallet !

The closest product I can compare this to is the Ridge Wallet Titanium I reviewed last year. That minimalist card wallet was essentially two plates of metal, an elastic track, and credit cards sandwiched between. My experience was the ridge wallet lacked practicality but it looked great.

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In the same way this minimalist wallet is made of stunning Titanium, and this time you get a functional and practical minimalist wallet 2019. I’ll show you 2 ways you can store cash, and demonstrate how easy your credit cards can be accessed. Decadent Minimalist manufacture the DM1 wallet in-house in Seattle and got this one to me for an honest review. Best mens wallet 2019? Made in USA. It took just 3 days shipping from the US to the UK and with custom wallet engraving. You can go slimmer with the 4 card holder version or bigger up to 12 credit cards. There’s no moving parts, and no joins.

It’s real easy to overlook this minimalist card holder, you’ve gotta use it to appreciate it. The Decadent minimalist dm1 core USP is it’s functionality not its awesome bling factor. Credit cards, store cards, ID cards are seated in the central channel with a satisfying click. The unique wrap-around design and exposed credit card face allows for the fastest possible way to access your cards. Just shuffle credit cards forward to fan them out. You can thumb bank cards from either side making them all easy to pick out. Even one card can be held securely. I lived with the Decadent Minimalist DM1 Titanium Wallet a few days after unboxing and found it great to use.

I don’t know if it’s by intention but the corner profile is inviting as key ring attachment. It’s not how I’d choose to use the wallet but you might like that.
A lot people like having a money clip wallet. This is optional and the money clip can also be engraved. Now you can store cash too. The all metal wallet works well without this, then you can access cards from both sides. You can always put a couple of folded cash bills in with the credit cards themselves. More options include carbon fibre privacy plates and an RFID blocking card.

This 31 grams 8 card titanium wallet compares with 21 grams in Nickel or 18 grams for aluminium. The Titanium wallet is also offered in a pre-distressed stonewashed finish or with black diamond like carbon coating. In titanium you get a buy once keep for a lifetime product.

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