The Ridge Wallet vs. Knockoffs! Are they really just as good?

The Ridge Wallet is one of the best slim EDC carry wallets on the market today. So of course it’s going to have a few knock offs available at much cheaper prices. So how similar are they? Are they just as good? Well, that’s what I take a look at in this video. Is it worth it to buy a knock off and save tons of money or just buy the actual name brand? So check out the Ridge Wallet vs its knockoff counterparts and you can decide for yourself!

BSWolf Aluminum Slim Minimalist Wallet:

Rizot Carbon Fiber Wallet:

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UPDATE 9/28/2020!
Based on the popularity of this video I was contacted by The Ridge and they offered to give me a 10% off coupon code to give to my subscribers! That code is CHRISPY
Use that code to receive your discount at checkout!

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