SONY a7S III EXPOSURE GUIDE QUICK START – Dynamic Range, Base ISO, Zebras (A7S3 Zebra Settings)

A quick guide to exposing video on the Sony a7S III including how to set zebras on the a7S3, how to choose the correct base ISO on the Sony a7S III, and what is the dynamic range on the Sony a7S III in the different gammas and picture profiles.

The Gear I Use (may contain affiliate links*):
The hiking camera bag:
Landscape photography beast camera:
Technical marvel video camera:
Landscape lens 24-70mm 2.8:
Stills 128GB SD card:
Amazing external microphone with safety track feature:
Best Sony full frame vlogging lens:
Landscape photography tripod:
Lightweight carbon fibre tripod with amazing head:
Pro 4k drone that folds away:
Make your drone video cinematic with filters:
v90 SD card (64GB) for Sony a7S III:
Air blower:
Wonder wallet of organization:
Little camera cube box for filters and stuff:
100mm filter holder:
15 stop color accurate ND filter:
Graduated 0.9 Neutral Density Medium Edge ND (3-stop):
Joby bendy tripod GorillaPod:
Quick release camera strap:
Exposure and color chart
DJI RS 2 Gimbal Pro Combo (Gimbal, RavenEye, focus motor, etc.):
DJI RS 2 Gimbal only:
PolarPro Peter Mckinnon 2-5 stop VND Filter 82mm – Edition 2:
PolarPro Peter Mckinnon 6-9 stop VND Filter 82mm – Edition 2:
PolarPro Step-Up Rings:
Remote shutter release and cable for longer exposures + intervalometer:

0:00 Intro
0:57 Choosing the correct Sony a7S III base ISO to reduce noise in your footage
2:05 Getting the maximum dynamic range out of your Sony a7S III
2:52 Sony A7S3 zebras for different picture profiles/gammas

Gerald Undone’s excellent Sony a7S III Guide for Picture Profiles & Exposure:



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