Ridge Wallet (Carbon Fiber)

Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet

I bought the Ridge Wallet because I was sick of the old traditional leather wallets that are bulky and just old fashion. I don’t wanna look like my dad who takes 2 minutes to get things out of his wallet and re-organize it every time. Wallets for older people are like storage containers, just my opinion. -Love you Dad!

I typically have a suit on at work and having a traditional wallet would print in my slacks. The Bigger the Wallet the bigger the print. Weight also plays a factor.

I typically always have these 3 things on me.

*Pros of the Ridge Wallet:
RFID Blocking built into the wallet on both sides.
Thin and extremely Lite
Does not Print in your pocket
Holds about 3-4 cards easy.
Holds cash money well
Looks amazing
Good conversation starter when people see you take your wallet out.

*Cons of the Ridge Wallet:
4:08 in the video. ####Not many cards fit. (okay, the site says up to 12 cards but, let’s be real! We want to slim down, not bulk up.
It’s sometimes hard to get cards out (especially if they have pressed text and the more you add)
I notice cards do become scratched much easier
Anything paper (Insurance cards) are impossible to pull in and out.

Update 3/27/2020
I love this wallet! Sometimes I forget I have it on me because I don’t feel it. Fits in all pockets very comfortably. I carry $100 Cash, 4 Plastic/Metal cards, and some paper, Here is the breakdown below.

Cash. 1x$50 bill & 5x$20 bills.
1. Drivers License Plastic
2. Permit to Carry Plastic
3. 2 Credit cards (no text push) Apple Card, Bank Card. Plastic/Metal

Paper: dental, Car, Health (these things are a pain in the ass to take out and put in.

Full Disclaimer. It’s 2020, I mostly use Apple Pay and Android pay for everything, Payments, Tickets, etc… I only have to pull my wallet out when I get ID, or someone doesn’t support phone payments.