Mous Limitless 2.0 for iPhone Xs Max: Extreme Drop Protection…And Extremely Nice!

Looking for a slim, attractive, drop protective case with great magnetic accessories for your iPhone Xs Max? Like high end natural materials such as real wood, leather, aramid carbon fiber and shell? Enjoy watching videos of people dropping their iPhones from crazy heights and emerging unscathed? The Mous Limitless 2.0 may be the thing for you! The Limitless 2.0 is a remarkably nice case, with a polished appearance and a nice, secure fit on your iPhone. It comes with a reasonably good quality plastic screen protector included—something increasingly rare these days—and it works with Mous’s system of magnetic accessories, consisting of various magnetic mounts as well as an excellent leather card case that attaches magnetically to the back of the Limitless 2.0 case. It is similar in size to other slim, drop protective cases such as the Speck Presidio Pro or the RhinoShield SolidSuit. Overall, quite a nice case for your iPhone Xs Max.

Mous became famous for performing various crazy stunts with their cases, such as dropping Limitless protected iPhones from cranes and the like, and setting up shop outside Apple Stores at launch and dropping Limitless protected brand new iPhones with abandon. There are many, many videos online displaying the remarkable protective ability of the Mous Limitless cases and they are quite impressive. Interestingly, however, there is no specific drop height listed for the Limitless 2.0, just a general claim to military standard drop protection (a standard requiring 26 damage-free drops from a four ft height—not a terribly high bar). So it is unclear exactly how high you can drop your Limitless 2.0 encased iPhone from without damage. Overall, though, it is a very nice phone case and seems like it should provide a high level of protection for your iPhone Xs Max.

* Good drop protection

* Slim form factor

* Screen protector included

* Nicely made, with backplate options in real leather, genuine wood, aramid carbon fiber and shell.

* Responsive buttons

* Reasonably easy to install

* Very secure fit on the phone

* Leather card wallet accessory is outstanding—extremely easy to use and a huge value added to the case.

* Good protective lip around the screen. Lower in the middle of the case to make swiping easier—higher on the top and bottom for protection

* Plenty of protection for the protruding rear camera

* Textured sides provide a reasonable amount of grip

* High lip at the bottom of the screen is slightly irritating when swiping up

* Back of the case is quite slippery

* Pretty tight to remove

* Free screen protector is rather smear prone, as is typically the case for plastic screen protectors. Not a big complaint, however.

The Limitless 2.0 is available directly from Mous and the price varies by the backplate material. The Aramid Carbon Fiber is the most expensive, at $59.99 and the Bamboo and the Walnut cases are both $49.99. The excellent leather card wallet accessory is $49.99 as well. Many thanks to the kind folks at Mous for sending me out these samples to review.

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