Marketing 101 – Don't do this! Simply Carbon Fibre Alcantara and Carbon Fiber Armor Case Review

My Simple Carbon Fibre Alcanterra and CF armor case was one of the last cases I bought before the iPhone 11’s came out. Several of you who suggested the case and the ads seemed to promote a brand that of high quality.

For 60 USD, this case isn’t a “let’s try it case”. At 60 bucks, it better be a damn good case. At 60 bucks, there better be something that sets it apart.

BUT I didn’t get a 60 dollar case. I got a case that in my mind, is worth maybe 30 AT MOST. That was 8 months ago. And because I bought it through their site, SCF sent me with dozens of obnoxious emails and I realized that the SCF’s entire marketing strategy was to spam you with large discounts for almost everything on their site in the hopes that you’d come back.

Find TEN better cases here:

Now one of the most important facets of marketing is perceived value. If a consumer thinks they are getting the right amount of value for their product, they’ll keep buying it. BUT when they realize they’re not getting what they paid for, then they get pissed.

At MREH, Monty and I base our videos on actual usage. Which involves spending our own money to buy products. More often than not, I end up with the feeling of “oh noooo…..” and Monty just stares at me stoically.

The SCF Alcantara and CF looks great from a far. Alcantara is synthetic material that’s suppose to mimic suede leather. You technically can only call this synthetic material Alcantara if you actually use authentic Alcantara from Italy. There is also a strip of carbon fibre that runs down the back of the case as well.

This case generally fits the iPhone well though the edges are a little too loose in my opinion for a premium case. The case won’t slide around on the front or back though the TPU, like the Caseology Parallax, will lose it’s matte finish over time.

I will note that if you use a screen protector of normal thickness, the edges of the case barely keep the screen protector off a flat surface. I’ve got a Moshi Ion Glass privacy screen protector on this iPhone and the edges barely extend past the screen.

The Alcantara and CF case is surprisingly thin and light though the thinnest does come at a cost. The overall texture of the Armor series is a bit too aggressive as the edges of the case, with the “tire like tread” really takes away from the smooth edges of the iPhone.

The case by itself feels like a normal TPU case. The last case I reviewed, the SolidSuit is just as light but at least the product looks unique. This case from SCF looks like a regular TPU case with a couple of tiny strips of fancy materials glued to it.

I had no issues with accessing my iPhone in the case. Buttons work well, port cover is unhindered which is the same for the camera. The edges of the case are quite low and will allow you to easily gesture your way through the iPhone. I will note that if you have a screen protector of average thickness, there’s a good chance the edges won’t be high enough. One-handed usage with this product is surprisingly good if you can get past the overwhelming edges on the case.

When it comes to protection, despite the ads for the video, the only thing protecting your iPhone is TPU. There’s no air pockets or foam like Spigen has. There isn’t any special TPE that you would find in Casetify or Mous cases. There are no ribs to cradle your iPhone like the Speck cases have. It’s just TPU. And there isn’t a lot of it either.

How can I tell? Because the edges have a decent amount of flex to it. From my years of reviewing cases, I know that the harder it is to put an iPhone into a case, the better protection it’s going to offer because the iPhone’s not going to fall out of the case.
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