How to Choose a Leather Belt That’s Right for a College Uniform

How to Choose a Leather Belt That’s Right for a College Uniform

In a large college, every student has the same school uniform, but with some accessories, you can stand out among the crowd of other students. A beautiful style gives you confidence and a decent belt is far more than just a way to keep your uniform in place. 

The belt you wear is a reflection of who you are and a belt can style up an entire outfit. Whilst many cheap replicas look fine, they won’t last. Once you start shopping, you’ll be confronted with a wide range of leather options but your creativity will help. 




Color is something you can easily overlook when buying a leather belt for your school uniform. If you look at your school uniform, the shirt matches perfectly with the trouser and their colors will rarely crush. 

Your belt can break the flow of the matching uniform if you choose the wrong color. Your school shoe is a major determinant of the color of your belt and since most school shoes are black, a black belt will be fine. 

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Buckle and belt style

Belt buckles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and each serves a specific purpose. Extra-wide buckles fit better for casual wear or for wearing over the weekends and holidays. Slimmer buckles are more formal and a better fit for your college uniform. 

The color of your leather belt buckle also matters, with silver color being a preferred choice for a school day. Before you buy your leather belt, choose a nice buckle that will make you stand out among a company of students. 

Leather belts come in various sizes and styles, too, and you should remember to pick the right size for you. If you buy a belt that is too long, the tipped end will be left out hanging after buckling your belt. 

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Buy genuine leather 

Not all leather belts are made using genuine leather or what you would prefer to call pure leather. Some of the most common substitutes to pure leather are faux and eco-leather, which costs much lesser compared to pure leather. 

Although pure leather belts will cost you more, they last longer compared to faux and eco. Pure leather belts are also more comfortable and are softer, unlike the substitutes which tear easily and the material feels rough on you. 

The width is important 

Choosing the right length for your leather belt is important because you want it to cover your entire waist length. It is also equally important to choose the correct belt width due to several important factors. 

Your college uniform has hooks for holding your belt in place and if the belt is too wide, it will not go through the hooks. It might be more appropriate to choose a belt that is no wider than two inches for males but females can go for much wider belts because they look neater wearing wider belts. 


All leather belts will cost you more but you will find cheaper options depending on various factors. The more solid leather belts will cost you more because more material is used during their manufacture. 

Thinner leather belts can cost lesser and the same case might apply for shorter belts compared to longer ones. Consider also the buckle quality because some buckles are made from high-quality polished metal like steel, silver, copper, gold coating, and so on. 


When choosing the right leather belt size, ensure it is at least 2 inches longer than the length of your waist; otherwise, it will be too tight on you. Pure leather belts will serve you for a longer period compared to non-genuine leather-like faux and eco. All leather belts do not cost the same because a lot goes into the amount of leather used to make the belt, the quality of buckles, and the type of animal skin. 

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