Goruck Weighted Sandbag Review – $145.00

Goruck Weighted Sandbag Review – $145.00

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2020 has been a rough year, there were severe shortages in major areas such as medical masks, disinfectant and the almighty toilet paper roll. Another lesser known shortage was home fitness equipment. Gyms shut down and tens of thousands were scrambling for exercise machines, dumbbells- even a thigh master or shake weight were fetching hefty premiums. It was in this search I found a brilliant product, the Goruck Weighted Sandbag.


The Goruck Sandbag is made of 1000D Cordura – That’s about twice as thick as the nylon on the old Jansport you had in 5th grade. For zippers we see heavy duty YKK zips with paracord pulls. All critical stress areas are double or triple stitched. This bag has a lifetime guarantee. If you somehow manage to break the bag, Goruck will fix it..and probably wonder how on earth you managed that. The sand (You must supply) is kept securely in a tough nylon bag with double folding velcro – Don’t worry, the sand does not escape at all.


This bag can do it all. There are multiple handles positioned on the tops, sides and ends of the bag. You can perform shrugs, squats, bicep curls, log lifts and the list goes on and on. I really enjoy the near instant transitions. I can go from body squats to bent over rows to shrugs without setting the bag down once.

Please note, you do have to get the sand at your local hardware store to fill the inner pocket. I strongly suggest “Play Sand” that has been washed and sifted – Anything else and you risk powder seeping through the nylon. See the below video on how to fill it. 


A cursory glance and the Goruck looks like a slender duffle bag. The tank like construction looks at home among the rubber mats, iron plates and dumbbells in my basement gym. At the end of the day it’s a tool and looks are nugatory. However, this tool happens to look pretty awesome. 


At $145, The Goruck Sandbag is a bit pricey considering other options on the market. When it comes to something as messy as sand, and the fact that the bag endures tremendous stress and abuse through training – I would only trust Goruck – Saving $50 bucks and having a bag rip at the seams would be no fun- Buy the best and cry once. This fitness tool offers endless uses and will be a staple in your home gym for years. 

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