Carbon Fibre Minimalist Wallet – 1 Bite At A Time

Ultra Slim Design with a Triple-Black Carbon Fibre Matte Finish.
Designed and refined to be the slimmest and the most desirable ultra-slim wallet in the world.

This wallet is designed to de-clutter your life, inspiring you to focus on living your life to its fullest potential.

Replace your bulky regular bi-fold and tri-fold wallets, and complements your luxurious lifestyle.

1 Bite At A Time’s Minimalist Wallets are only 0.3in (8mm), just 0.08in (2mm) thicker than the cards it’s holding. Simply put, this is the thinnest wallet ever made.

Created with the same materials as aircrafts and race cars, this is one of the lightest wallets ever made weighing the same as a single slice of bread.

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