Carbon Fiber Aviator Wallet vs Ridge Wallet – REVIEW/TEST

In this video the Carbon Fiber Aviator Wallet vs Ridge Wallet. Review & test of both carbon fiber wallets.
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The carbon fiber Aviator Slide Wallet is handcrafted in Germany. I compare with the popular Ridge Wallet, in carbon fiber. The Ridge Wallet, an expanding minimalist wallet protects your cards and cash. Both slim wallets are carbon fiber, hold a stack of credit cards, each have a strap to hold cash bills, and both wallets have a coin compartment.

The Carbon Aviator Slide Wallet is contoured/sized to closely match a credit card, to give that minimal wallet experience. The real carbon fibre has a three-dimensional checkerboard effect, demonstrated in the video. Also, you can checkout the aircraft grade aluminium at around half the cost.

The Carbon Fibre Ridge Wallet is also a little different. The Ridge wallet’s finish plates have a forged composite which uses fibers mixed with resin that are pressed into shape as it cures. Just as strong and lightweight, and the forged carbon fibre gives a camo-like appearance. You can also get the Ridge Wallet in a choice of stunning, colourful aluminium finishes, which cost considerably less than carbon or titanium Ridge Wallet variants.

The Ridge wallet can store 1 to 12 credit cards. Ridge Wallets have two aluminium inner plates that is designed to block RFID signals so that your contactless credit cards are safe from attempted digital theft from card skimming devices. The Ridge Wallet’s elastic track keeps firm pressure to hold your cards securely.

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The Aviator Slide wallet can store 1 to 20 cards. The card holder has a tapered edge to help the cards go in. You can easily thumb cards forwards with just one hand. The Carbon Aviator Wallet has a pull-strap card eject function. This gives you a second way to eject your cards, so you can fan them out a little for selection. Unique to the Aviator Wallet is its inner adjustable elastic band and stainless steel bolt design which allows for adjustments for card capacity. If you want your Aviator Wallet carbon to be an RFID blocking wallet, configure your wallet selecting an aluminium insert, instead of the lightweight acrylic frame that comes as standard.

Both slim wallets feature a cash strap and feature plate to store cash under. You can configure your Aviator Wallet without the metal plate, or remove it. In the video learn how to replace the elastic track on the Ridge Wallet. The Ridge Wallet is available with an optional money clip.

See the Ridge wallet coin compartment, the Ridge wallet Cavity Tray. The Aviator Wallet carbon has a one-piece aluminium coin holder with inclusive anti-rattle insert. It’s engineered as integral part of wallet design, and doesn’t interfere with the card eject function. The Ridge Wallet’s aluminium cavity tray is an optional extra. It simply slides into your Ridge Wallet. When you push your cards out for selection the cavity tray is ejected too.


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