Best Leather iPhone Case Buying Guide

Best Leather iPhone Case Buying Guide

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If you just got a shiny new iPhone, you’re no doubt excited about the technological marvel nestled in your palms. However, you’re probably also very aware of the fragile nature of smartphones, where a  gingerly drop from your coffee table onto the rug can result in a cracked screen. If you’re looking for a case, we got a few listed below worth your consideration, and in BestLeather fashion, more than a few will be dressed in…well, leather….

First up!

Saddleback Leather iPhone Case


Saddleback represents one of the apex predator leather cases for the iPhone. They command a premium price tag, and while the case will definitely outlive your phone – at least your phone will live its life in rugged grandeur. Made ENTIRELY of full grain leather, Saddleback Leather’s iPhone Case presents a stylish and classical carry option for your iPhone. It can be found here at Saddleback’s Website.

A thing to keep in mind, since SBL uses real leather, it will darken and patina over time – something to consider if you prefer a lighter colored leather.

Colonel Littleton No. 60 Leather iPhone Case Holster

Another top tier leather iPhone Case option is the No. 60 Leather Phone Case Holster by Colonel Littelton. This is better suited for those who want a way to keep their phone protected when not in use, but also to enjoy the phone uninhibited and all nakey like. Another nice bonus us this option is will likely be good for years of service since it can accommodate newer models in the same size.   

While it may not be as convenient, the Colonel Littleton case will likely work for future iPhone models, so the investment of a quality case will justify the cost.

Apple OEM Leather iPhone Case

If you’re an Apple Purist, the choice is easy. Apple has their own official leather iPhone case. While probably not on the same level of quality and craftsmanship as the others, this will probably have the best fit and synergy with your iPhone. It’s made with leather and features a microfiber interior.  Amazon has this case, and with 2 day shipping, its a nice bonus.  Click here to buy:

iCareCase Apple iPhone Case

Now if you’re on a tight budget, but want something leather like, iCareCase makes a leather iPhone case that won’t break the bank and passes off as a somewhat decent looking case. The reviews are solid across the board, and this case features a flip cover design that doubles as a stand and can carry credit cards.  Case can be purchased on Amazon here:

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