5 Most Affordable Types of Leather for Students

5 Most Affordable Types of Leather for Students

Humanity has known how to make leather goods for hundreds of years. Over such a long period, many different skin types have developed. Unique types are created from mixed materials with the help of the latest technologies. 

It is difficult to figure out which stuff to choose from such a large selection. This article will cover the 5 most affordable types of leather for students.


Natural leather is obtained and created from body parts of animals and sea creatures. This category is considered to be more attractive, convenient, and efficient. It has dozens of kinds and sorts. 

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It is important to note that the use of animal parts has recently been condemned and strongly criticized by greens. They insist that killing animals to butcher them is a cruel and inhuman way of dealing with nature.

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The point is, over the past millennium, dozens of animal species have been terminated due to uncontrolled hunting. Scientists argue that uncontrolled butchery strongly affects the ecosystem of the planet.

The fashion world also tends to support the transition to synthetic materials. But some conservatives continue to use natural parts of exotic animals. In general, this category is more costly than synthetic. Although, there are budget options.


Pigskin is the cheapest natural leather material. It is the main type of raw supplies. Pigskin is used not only for the production of standard products but also for imitation of more expensive and improved types of skin. Unfortunately, these products are short-living and can easily get wet.


Bull leather is durable and quite cheap. But, it is very thick and tough. That means that you must use it for specific designs. Although, it practically does not get wet, which is a pro. Jackets, backpacks, bags, shoes, and belts are made from it.


Modern technologies make it possible to create leatherette. Nowadays, there are many clothes and accessories made from artificial materials. Usually, they look very similar to natural ones. Although, there are still details that can help distinguish fake stuff from the original one. 

Scientists are rapidly developing the industry. They are constantly discovering new approaches that can improve overall characteristics. As a result, many companies are switching to leatherette. 

Stores sell their products with a focus on ensuring that no animal is harmed in the creation of their goods. Sometimes, they promote their decision by saying that they care about the environment. But the truth is, artificial leather is more affordable and practical to assemble. Consumers are also happy to buy beautiful but cheap products. 

Leatherette is flexible and easy to customize. If you choose the right dyes, you can create a unique and beautiful palette, pattern, or texture. Also, it is more comfortable to sew and cut leatherette than natural leather. There are three main types of synthetic leather. All of them can attract young fashion designers with their small budgets.


This is the most popular type of synthetic. People consider it the most successful emulation of natural leather. It both looks and feels a lot like leather. It is soft and pleasant. At the same time, it is porous, which allows the product to breathe.

Polyurethane behaves like a natural material. It crumples but does not crack or exfoliate, which allows it to be used longer than some animal leather. It is easy to decorate it with patterns. It is washable, unlike other leatherettes in this category. This material is also considered the most friendly to the environment.

It is a material based on fibers coated with a polymer material. It is made by coating shredded leather, cotton, or polyester with a polymer and then processing it. It is also used to sew bags, wallets, and other accessories.

Vinyl Upholstery

Vinyl is a very dense but soft material. You need two components to create the vinyl upholstery. Polyester fibers create upholstery fibers. Vinyl is created from phthalic acid (plasticizers) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Then, fibers and vinyl are coated together.

Unfortunately, this combination is too dense and isn’t as breathable as polyurethane. Yet, it is water-repellent. It means that it finds its purpose where improved water resistance is needed. It is also quite durable. 

Thanks to its density, vinyl upholstery is easy to clean and maintain. Dirt is less absorbed into its structure. Although, the material remains flexible and durable. High temperatures are its main disadvantage. When heated, this type becomes sticky.

Such material is often used in accessories and interior elements. Among manufacturers, it is popular due to its low price.


It consists of two elements. The first is a woven base (cotton or polyester). The second is a microporous film (polyurethane). This combination makes the material breathe. Eco-leather is obtained by applying polyurethane to the fabric. One layer is pressed onto another.

This material has several advantages. It does not freeze and does not dry out. It has a water-repellent surface and is durable and hypoallergenic. 

Final Words

If you are a student looking for affordable materials to create your products, the best choice would be to start with faux leather. It is cheaper, more affordable, and more convenient to use. However, if you need to use real leather, there are several options in stores that will not hit your pocket so badly.

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